The Opportune Time

The Opportune Time

The Opportune Time is a show dedicated to telling the stories of Jozi’s entrepreneurs.
Why this show? Well even though its easier than ever before for anybody to be an
entrepreneur, the truth is its actually harder than ever before to be an entrepreneur. The
Opportune Time is here to unpack insights, share innovative ideas and highlight stories of
entrepreneurs that are making it in a world of ever increasing stakes!
The show is hosted by local entrepreneurs and business partners, Nthato Malope and
Mushambi Mutuma who hold a shared desire to help entrepreneurs identify their why,
understand their stories, communicate it and sustain it all to go out and be their own dragon
slaying heroes!
Tune in as we tell Jozi’s story to the world!


May 15th, 2015



  1. Great Show Guys Keep It Up!

  2. Sello says:

    I want to know if is possible to be a radio dj and what frequency are using in terms of reaching

  3. r5lq7on666 says:
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  4. Great stuff, the future is so bright, keep it up.

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