Something deep, something new or something fresh… Tune in to find out

Something deep, something new or something fresh… Tune in to find out

Jozi Maboneng Radio (JMR) introduces to its new age listeners the “The Something Deep Show” as their latest online talk radio stepchild. JMR recognises the need for substantial conversations that bring forth the perspective of rhetoric in society. The show streams live for the first time on Friday, 15th May from 12h00 to 15h00. This is more than just a radio show. Something Deep is prepared to bring, on-air, a body of work both conceptual and productive – it is no conventional radio show. Hosted by Ndzalama Ngwenya, it will feature guests whom will bring their valuable input on the subject matter in topic, addressing content that sees to be pushing the envelope that it hopefully reaches home and causes the change we most want to see in environments and mostly ourselves! The show is structured to equip listeners with the necessary perceptional tools to gain critical perspective on the self, reality and life together with covering some subjects that many at times are too shy to talk about…
All of this is bound together by a selection of audio art, high grade music dealing, poetry and comedic inserts, all tied into the themes of each show.
Your host Ndzalama aka ‘Lama’ who holds a referable perspective and enjoys open-minded views about non-conventional life – sexuality, spirituality and relationships.
“If you crave deepness (or anything remotely related to adult life) make sure to hit your search engine and type: at 12pm-3pm every Friday, to be part of Joburgs most fun(damentalist), creative & thought provoking conversations.
#KeepKreationKreative #OnThatNowShit #RememberToBreathe #MusicDealing
Visit for more information; contact Lama (078 278 5314) or Neo (083 988 4498) on Facebook:     Twitter:



May 13th, 2015

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